Evolve: Großer Day One Patch angekündigt

Autor des Artikels: Steven Wilcken


Nächste Woche, am Dienstag, den 10 Februar 2015 wird Evolve veröffentlicht. Wer direkt loslegen möchte wird nun aber enttäuscht. Denn auch Evolve wird nicht darauf verzichten, seinen Spielern am ersten Tag einen umfassenden Day-One-Patch zum Download zuzumuten.

Der Softwareflicken soll ganze 3GB groß sein und muss vor dem Spielen komplett geladen und installiert werden. Die Entwickler sagen allerdings, dass durch das Update die Spielerfahrung spürbar verbessert werden soll. So wurde die Balance optimiert, allgemeine Spielverbesserungen integriert und eine optimierung der Ladezeiten, Level, Bugfixes erreicht. Obendrauf soll es neue Elite-Skins und eine Konnektivität zur Hunters-Quest-App geben.

AbgeschicktFeb 06, 2015

“What can you really add to Evolve at this point? It’s already gone gold!” This question came up a lot over the course of the Open Beta weekend in January. Truth is, that long weekend was a big learning experience for us. As a result, on day one – before you even start your first match on the live servers – we’ve made a number of refinements through a day-one patch.
The size will vary depending upon your system, but it’s about 3GB and contains the following improvements that will make your Evolve experience even better. So, before you go planet-side, make sure to grab this update. Here’s a quick hit list of what’s inside it:

We already noted this in an interview with Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton, but we are constantly adjusting things in the background so that every Hunter and every Monster is finely tuned. What we learned about what’s being done to Wraith alone was eye-opening. ( Check out the Open Beta infographic and Q&A here.) A lot of the data gathered from the Big Alpha and Open Beta weekends helped us make these tweaks.

As we strive to push the engine and cram as much as possible into your Evolve experience, we’re also working are to optimize performance on your system. These improvements range from load times to improving matchmaking and network bandwidth optimizations.

During the Big Alpha and Open Beta periods we asked you – our community – for your help and feedback. We are addressing bugs found during our tests and we have you to thank for making Evolve that much stronger with this patch.

After the Big Alpha, we wanted to rework the Elite skins for Hunters and Monsters based on feedback we got from the community. The results of those requests are right here in this patch. We’ve updated or outright replaced the assets that were already in the game. All you need to do to unlock them: EARN THEM. Learn more here.

This patch adds connectivity to work with Evolve Hunters Quest. We recently unveiled the game / companion app for Evolve. In one respect, it’s a fun Match-3 puzzle combat game. But it also has ties into the main console game through the my2K servers. Earn experience and watch overhead match replays through the app. Best of all, it’s free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Learn more here.

Like we said up top, this update comes from lessons learned in the Big Alpha and Open Beta. We aren’t stopping here. As we make improvements to the game – and we will – keep your eyes posted for updates like this on the Evolve News Blog.
Need additional details on updates coming to Evolve? Head to support.2k.com.

Thanks for helping us – and joining the hunt!

The Evolve team at Turtle Rock Studios and 2K.